Important Notices

Educational grants submitted today can be considered for events starting on October 9, 2018 or later.

How to Add a Third Party

Apply or Check Status of a Grant Application

-Log onto
-Sign in with registered username and password


For General Questions

Phone: 1-800-746-6998


Important notes for Registration

-Requesters must complete an online registration profile. The registration is linked to organizations by Tax ID and there may be multiple users registered for each organization.

-If an organization has multiple chapters/locations under the same Tax ID, these can each be registered as unique locations.

-Usernames are based on requestor email addresses, and each email address can be linked to only one organization.

-If a requester partners with third parties such as Medical Education and Communications Companies, these third parties must also register in the system and confirm their third party association with you before they can be linked.

-The Educational Grants System uses an e-signature process for LOAs. During the registration process your organization will be required to identify who in your organization is authorized to sign LOAs and provide basic contact information for that individual.

-Prepare documents/information that you will need to reference or upload when filling out the online application. To see specific Requirements for the grant submission and application type you wish to submit. To download a blank reference copy of the application form(s) click here. Authorized signers must also register.

-If the authorized signer you list has not already registered in our grant system they will need to complete the registration process. You will not be able to choose the authorized signer or submit your application until they have registered as a user and state they are the appropriate authorized signer for the organization.